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Everything you need to know about diamond painting tips and tricks. Plus what diamond painting as a hobby can do to your mental health. Click on the links below to find more information on each topic:

What is Diamond painting?

Diamond Painting Tips

It is mainly similar to mosaic art but instead of using stone, tile, or glass, it uses resin diamond beads.

Diamond Painting Tips

Similar to cross stitching and paint by number it uses patterns and symbols to indicate what beads to use on each section.

It uses small diamond beads. These beads have one side flat surface and on the other side have a convex shape with multiple facets that creates the sparkling effect when lights hit it.

The beads are put together on an adhesive canvas to create colorful mosaic art paintings.

Majority of the people who make diamond paintings claim a therapeutic effect on them. Hence it became a popular alternative to other crafts such as cross-stitch. It is a much easier way to relax and be creative at the same time.

Other Terms Used for Diamond Painting

There’s a lot of names used to describe the diamond painting some of them are listed below:

Diamond Painting Tips

DIY diamond painting, 5D diamond painting, 3D diamond painting, diamond painting cross-stitch, Diamond painting embroidery, Paint with diamonds

Materials and Tools You’ll Need

What’s inside a diamond painting kit are the canvas, diamond beads, pen, tray, and adhesive wax. Now let’s talk more about each tool:

Diamond Beads

What’s the difference between 3D and 5D diamond painting?

Basically, the 3D and 5D in diamond painting indicate how many facets the diamond beads have, 3D has less facet than the 5D diamond beads. Therefore 5D can result in a more sparkling shiny effect.

Other Terms Used for Diamond Beads

Drills or diamond drills, 3D or 5D diamond drills, Gems or Gemstones, Rhinestones, Diamond dotz, Resin gemstones, Diamond painting tiles

What are the different shapes of diamond beads?

Round Diamond Beads

Round diamond beads are best for beginners as they are easy to pick up and apply to canvas. It is also known to have a more sparkly shiny appearance. Since they are round-shaped you will see some small space between each bead but it will not be very noticeable when you look at the canvas from afar. 

Square Diamond Beads

On the other hand, square diamond beads can look more fitted together neatly on canvas since it will not show gaps between each bead. It can have a learning curve for some people on how to pick and align on canvas.

Special Shaped Diamond Beads

Specially shaped diamond beads will give your diamond painting and extra oomph

How tiny are the diamond beads?

Typical round and square drills size can range from 2.5mm-2.8mm or about 0.25cm. But there are other types of diamond beads that can vary in size.

What color chart does it use?

Most of the manufacturer uses a DMC Color Chart similar to what they use on cross stitch or embroidery patterns.

Canvas Material

Diamond Painting Tips


A higher-end type of canvas makes your canvas more pliable to different types of applications like pillowcases or pouches.


This would be the typical type of canvas that you can buy. It’s still pliable but framing it would be the ideal application for this type of canvas

Canvas Type

Full Drill Canvas

This type of canvas will have the entire canvas filled with diamond beads

Partial Drill Canvas

This type of canvas will have areas that don’t have diamond beads.

Canvas Size

Diamond Painting Tips

If you’re just starting out in diamond painting and you just want to test the waters you can try buying smaller size canvas. 

  • Take into consideration that a small size canvas will yield a more pixelated or less detailed image.
  • A larger canvas will have a more vivid and clear image which is more satisfying to complete but can be time-consuming.
  • The best size to start out can range from 30x45cm above.

Pen Drills

Diamond Painting Tips

Pen drills can have different nozzles. The ones that are included in your kit will have the basic pen which can pick up one diamond bead at a time.

Diamond Painting Tips

There are other types of pens that can hold 3 or more beads at a time. This is best used when doing a bigger canvas with lots of areas that have the same color.

Pen Rubber Grip

This will help have a better grip control on the pen when using it for a longer time. Rubber grip can sometimes be already included in some kits. 


Diamond Painting Tips

Normal size trays will be included in the kit. You can also buy larger trays that can hold more diamond beads for bigger canvas projects.

Adhesive Wax

This sticky wax is placed on the tip of the pen to help pick up the diamond beads.

Diamond Painting Tips

Some diamond painters use other types of adhesive like a blue tack in some cases if they ran out of wax.


It is best to use twissors for square diamond beads as you can have better control of picking up the individual beads and aligning them correctly.

You also use this to adjust misaligned beads instead of using your fingers

Organizers and Containers

One of the fun parts of diamond painting is looking for storage for your diamond beads. There are endless choices on how you can neatly organize each set of beads.

Medicine Box and a Scoop

This is the most common and cheap alternative to storing your beads.

Having a small spoon can lessen spillage of the beads when transferring from the container to its tray

Other containers you can consider when you need more compartments.

Light Pad

This is a very helpful tool to use when doing diamond painting as it makes the patterns more visible. It can lessen the straining of your eyes when doing long hours of diamond painting.


The roller is best used to make sure the diamond beads stick well to the canvas. An alternative to this is by putting heavy objects like books below the canvas.

Diamond Painting Tips and Tricks

Use a checkered pattern for areas with the same colors to help align the beads effectively

Use a pen nozzle that can hold 3 or more beads. This will fast-track the areas that are in the same colored beads.

Decide from what area you will start the canvas. Instead of jumping from different areas choose one direction until you complete the entire thing.

Use masking tape to indicate the corresponding numbers or letters of the colored beads. You can peel them off later and place a new one once you’re done with it.

Framing the Diamond Painting

No cover

It is best to leave the canvas uncovered as the beads sparkling effect will be more visible and vibrant. The disadvantage of this would be getting dust on your canvas over time but you can easily clean it from time to time with a wet tissue.

With glass cover

If you want to protect the canvas from dust and other elements. Having a glass frame will always work best.

Sealing the Diamond Painting

Is it necessary to seal my canvas?

Though a lot of crafters use some types of sealant to their canvases. If you’re displaying it on wall decor It is not necessary to seal them since the canvas adhesive is pretty sticky enough that it can withstand time as the canvas gets old. But if you’re using the canvas on purses or as a pillowcase it is necessary to have some sealant protectant to avoid the beads from falling out over time.

What type of sealant to use?

Mod Podge

Using a sealant on your canvas will keep your diamond painting canvas intact for a long period. But the shine effect of the diamond painting will be lost after sealing.

PVA Glue

If you can’t get a hold of a mod podge using PVA glue can still be used as an alternative. It will not be water-resistant compared to the mod podge.

Creating your Own Diamond Painting

diamond painting tips

Here’s a website that can generate diamond painting patterns for free. Visit

What do you do with leftover diamond painting beads?

diamond painting tips

Make a new design out of leftover beads using the pixel-stich

diamond painting tips

Collect then and store in a nice jar for display

diamond painting tips

Save them for later in case the beads went missing from the canvas

diamond painting tips

Use it for nail art – If you like doing nail art it is the best alternative.

Add them to your greeting cards and paper crafts

Artist Collaboration

It would be the best option to buy diamond painting kits from businesses that recognize the artists behind the painting. Though it does not always work that way. It can help artists be recognized for their work and earn from it as well. Some websites that recognized the artist behind the design:

Diamond Painting as Gift

Custom diamond paintings are always a very thoughtful gift to give out to friends and family on special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, and important milestones.

Diamond Painting on Mental Health

diamond painting tips

A lot of people when asked about how diamond painting affects their mood and mental health will always give you a positive answer.

You can find lots of relaxing music while doing diamond painting on YouTube, Spotify, and other music apps you prefer.

Listening to podcasts can also be a great combo while doing diamond painting

Back pain, eye strain, are some of the side effects of doing a diamond painting like any other activity or crafts there is. One of the best ways to combat that is to make sure to take breaks from time to time. Stretching as well helps relieve back pain. 

There are lots of Facebook groups that share the same love for diamond painting. You can join them to share your work.

Working as Diamond Painter?

Since diamond painting is considered a hobby not a lot of people are looking for a diamond painter but you can always ask friends and family if they are willing to hire you to make a diamond painting canvas for them. 

Joy in Crafting