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About Joy in Crafting

Welcome to Joy in Crafting. This website is all about sharing my love for arts and crafts and what joy it brings to craft lovers out there.

I created this website to share and document my journey, crafting little things on a daily. To be an inspiration to the readers to get creative and create their visions.

I find making things with your hands very therapeutic and stress relieving. It’s a fulfilling thing to do crafts while learning something new in the process.

Currently, I love making craft projects using my Silhouette cameo 3 cutting machine. You can find different Silhouette Cameo free cut files here. You’ll also find different crafty tutorials, printables, artworks, and all sorts of projects.

You can follow me on these social media websites below if you want to be updated on new creative projects I am working on.

Facebook – @JoyinCraft

Instagram – @joyincraft

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Joy in Crafting