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Creative Ways to Reuse Paper Scraps

Creative Ways to Reuse Paper
I’m going to share few ideas here on how you can reuse paper scraps creatively.

1. Make a Confetti

Creative Ways to Reuse Paper
Use a hole punch to punch hole on scrap papers. *say that 3x faster*
The leftover punched paper can still be cut into smaller pieces.
Creative Ways to Reuse Paper
Sort them according to colors or mix them all together to create a fun rainbow confetti. Instead of buying confetti for your next surprise party you can look for old paper around the house to use as confetti.
I store my punched paper in this miniature file drawer that I made.

2. Make a Confetti Poppers

confetti poppers

What a fun better way is to reuse old scrap papers as a confetti poppers. I made a tutorial on how to make one without using any plastic or balloons.

3. Make a Mosaic Art

Creative Ways to Reuse Paper
Another creative ways to reuse paper is to make art piece. This Pride mosaic is very easy to make. Even kids will love making this colorful mosaic. Watch my tiktok video of the time lapse in creating this art.

4. Create a Miniature Laptop

Miniature Laptop
You can get the printable template of miniature laptop here.

5. Create Packaging Material

Creative Ways to Reuse Paper

If you run a small online business you’ll definitely love this idea. Using paper scraps as packaging material not only save you money but also saves the environment.

Manual paper shredder

You can purchase a manual paper shredder or electric one if you’d be using it often. I had this manual shredder for years and still works just fine.

There’s a lot more creative ways to reuse paper. Do share your ideas on the comment section below.

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