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Create Custom Paint by Number Canvas

Ever wonder if you can create your own custom paint by number canvas at home? I haven’t tried buying a paint by number kit yet but I always wonder if I could just DIY the canvas design.

So I did my research turns out there’s a lot of websites that does that. Some offer it for free and others are paid services. I ended up finding these two websites that generate your image into a paint by number canvas for free.

I list down their links below so you can try them yourself.

Custom Paint by Number
This is the sample image that I used for the canvas

The first one is called PBNify.

In this website you’ll have to pick the size of the image you want. I ended up selecting around 1050px for this image, then upload the image you want to transform. After that you need to pick the colors you want to have as your palette. I picked around 15 colors which I think now is a lot. Scroll through the slides below to see how it turned out.

PBNify Sample Paint by Number

The second website is called Color-Dragon.

This one generates a PDF file which I think is more organized. The PDF consist of 4 images (colored image, outlined image, outlined and numbered image, and lastly the color palette).

You can also pick how many colors you want but you cannot select specific colors. The website will generate that for you. Scroll through the slides below to see how it turned out.

Color-Dragon Sample Paint by Number

Clearly I haven’t tested the design canvas yet. I still need to buy the painting supplies. But tuned in and I’ll post a new entry on my blog once I have all the materials for this project.

Hope this helps and if you have tried this DIY custom paint by number canvas share them on your socials using #JoyinCrafting so I can see them!

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