How To Frame Your Diamond Painting Canvas

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The first thing to ask yourself is what approach you want to take in framing your diamond painting. It can be a DIY approach or go to a professional for help. Of course with those two options comes with a different level of budgets having the latter more expensive.

Framing your diamond painting yourself is not a difficult approach. You just need to determine how you want it to look and the materials you will need.

Materials you will need:

  • Photo Picture Frame
  • Foam board or Cardboard
  • Pre-Stretch Canvas
  • Stretcher Bar
  • Glue
  • Scissor
  • Acrylic Paint (optional)

How To Frame Your Diamond Painting Canvas

First thing first you have to measure the size of the diamond painting canvas. 

1. Use Foam board or Cardboard

How To Frame Your Diamond Painting Canvas

I think this would be the most cost-effective approach to displaying your diamond paintings. If you are low on budget you can use foam boards or cardboard to display your diamond painting.

Measure the size of your canvas and glue it on the board. You can cut out the excess part of diamond painting or leave it out and wrap it around the board for a more clean look. 

2. Use Photo Frames for your canvas

How To Frame Your Diamond Painting Canvas

Look for a photo frame that will suit the design of the diamond painting canvas. For example, find a frame that will complement the color of your canvas. White or black frames are the safest options but trying out other colors will greatly help in improving the overall look of your canvas. Types of frames to consider are: Thrifted Frames, Standard Picture Frames, and Poster Frames

3. Use Pre-stretched canvas.

How To Frame Your Diamond Painting Canvas

You can buy a pre-stretched canvas and glue the diamond painting canvas on top of it. You can cut out the excess part of the diamond painting or you can choose to leave it out and wrap it around the canvas. 

4. Use a stretcher bar to your canvas

This option might seem tedious but using a stretcher bar can help make your diamond painting look way more high quality and put together.

Other things to consider when framing your diamond painting:

Adding Glass to protect your diamond painting canvas

How To Frame Your Diamond Painting Canvas

This is actually just a personal preference, using a glass to protect that canvas will not affect the sparkle of your canvas. But for obvious reasons adding a glass will help protect the painting throughout the years from elements. White not using glass can bring more depth to the diamond painting and basically removed any glare that can occur when using glass.

Coloring the excess sides of the painting.

How To Frame Your Diamond Painting Canvas

Using acrylic paint to cover the text on the excess sides of the canvas is a nice trick in order to avoid cutting them instead.


  1. Thank you for all the hints and instructions and specially the idea painting the edges of the canvas instead of cutting it out, I did a canvas and never got it straight will try your method on the next canvas .

    1. Thank you for your comment Betsy. I also notice the standard picture frame sizes available in stores have the same sizes of whole diamond painting canvas including the edge of it.

      1. I can’t find frames the same size as my diamond paintings. The paintings are in centimeters but the frames are in inches. Adding a matt can add up to $20 to frame it. I have found great frames at Goodwill and garage sales though.

        1. I also had that problem with inches and centimeters. I took note of the exact conversion size. Also, I almost bought the diamond painting canvas with me to the store just to make sure I’m buying the right frame size! lol but I didn’t because it was already completed and I don’t want to ruin it.