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What is mandala?

A mandala in simple term is a geometric configuration of symbols. In various spiritual traditions, mandalas may be used for as an aid to meditation and trance induction.

Coloring Mandala

How to color a mandala coloring sheet?

Coloring Mandala

You may draw your own mandala designs or look for mandala coloring pages. I personally drawn these mandala design myself using a procreate app. I have a link below if you want to use it for free for personal use only.

Once you have your mandala coloring pages, decide on what color you want, it could be anything you want, there’s no rules here.

You may use certain colors to attract certain things into your life. You can check out this page to learn more about colors and their symbolism.

Full Page Mandala Coloring

To get started with the coloring you can choose any medium such as coloring pencils, crayons, pastels, chalks or paint – whichever suits you best.

I prefer to use coloring pencils specifically Brutfuner brand. It’s a good entry level brand if you’re diving into coloring. Coloring pencil is easy to use when you’re coloring mandalas since it has a fine point tip, it’s easy to color small detailed part of your coloring page.

Benefits of coloring a mandala?

Coloring mandala helps reduce stress and anxiety. It also allows you to express your creative side which we often overlook in a hectic life.

Some people draw the mandalas and do the coloring out of meditative purpose. Others draw the mandalas out of creative interest and relaxation and then the colors do not take such big importance apart from personal preference or intuitive flow.

Coloring Mandala

The coloring of the mandalas is used as a healing tool and is associated with reducing stress and anxiety as well as combating depression whilst improving the immune system among other things.

What do to with completed mandala coloring page?

There’s a lot of things you can do with finished mandala art piece. I personally archive most of my previous works but you can also:

  • Use it as cover for notebooks or books
  • Frame it and display at home
  • Give it as a gift

Coloring Mandala

I have a PDF link of all the mandala drawings I did including the images I shared in this post. I hope you can also try it yourself. Don’t forget to share it on instagram and tag me @joyincrafting.

Download the printable mandala coloring pages
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