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I don’t know about you but I’m feeling 2022.

I just can’t miss not making this party craft idea. If you’re a Swifties too go ahead and make this for New Year’s eve party!

Watch the video on how to assemble it.

I'm feeling 2022 Party Glasses tutorial
I'm Feeling 2022

You can either choose to print the template using the PDF file or use a cutting machine to perfectly cut the eye glass template.

A letter size paper can make one paper glass. You can mix and match different colored papers to make a variety of combinations.

Please note that there’s a slight different between .studio file and svg file on this design.

Since I initially created the design from Silhouette Studio (which doesn’t allow to export svg file), I had to redo it again on Adobe Illustrator from scratch.


  1. Thank you!! These came out awesome!! I waited to long and cricut came to mind, but I only have had it for a few weeks. I made your project easily.! I appreciate your work!