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Wouldn’t it be sweet receiving a cake that will last a lifetime? Technically not a lifetime but longer than a real one. I’ll show you how to make a a gift box made of fake cake.

Materials you will need:

  • A container box with lid
  • Wall putty
  • Some acrylic paint
  • Optional: Air dry clay (for the cake toppers)

I’ve made some fake cake before but instead of just being a decor why not add some functionality to it and make it a box, or a gift box!

You can repurpose an old box or any kind of container. It doesn’t have to be a round box. It also doesn’t have to be made of cardboard, you can use the plastic container as long as the wall putty will attach properly.

Use wall putty as the ‘frosting’ but you can use different materials as well like using air-dry clay. The wall putty is very heavy and doesn’t like to hold up its shape for frosting very well.

Decide on what color your cake would be. I decide to go with blue in contrast with red cherries and white fake frosting.

Paint the box using some acrylic paint.

Fake Cake Gift Box

Add the fake cherries using a glue stick.

Fake Cake Gift Box

This would be very cool home decor, very unusual but still functional.

Fake Cake Gift Box

It’s a unique gift and probably a surprising gift as well.

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