How to Make Fake Frosting for Ornaments

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I’m not really a sweet tooth but I enjoy looking at beautiful cakes and cupcakes.

This enthusiasm to make ‘fake cake’ started when I wanted to have cake props for my cake topper designs…but it ends up being a whole project itself.

Fake Cake Frosting

I have research different materials to use on youtube, one of which is wall putty. Wall putty is great for ‘crumb coating’ the based cake but I didn’t like using it as a frosting decoration. Wall putty is very heavy and watery and it doesn’t hold up its shape.

I end up learning that you can use silicone sealant, polyurethane spray foam in making fake cakes and cupcakes. Both have a very strong toxic scent and I don’t recommend using them for craft projects. I have tried already lol

Fake Cake Frosting

Now I found out about Air dry clay, also called super lightweight air dry clay. When it dries it has a soft texture to it. This is different from air-dry clay that hardens when dried.

Fake Cake Frosting

It’s a little difficult at first to pipe out the air dry clay using a piping tip so I tried diluting the air dry clay using glue and some water but then it becomes similar to wall putty that doesn’t hold up its shape.

So I just try pushing out the air-dry clay as it is on the piping tip. It works and it does produce a very realistic-looking fake frosting!

The only downside would be putting so much pressure on your thumb. It will hurt lol. But if you’re gonna be doing this for a couple of fake cake projects that wouldn’t be an issue.

Fake Cake Frosting

Now, this is the result of all the different test fake I did use air-dry clay.

Hope you’ve learned some tips from this post. xo Let me know if you’re crafting some fake cake as well!

Materials you will need:

  • Super lightweight air dry clay
  • Piping tip (I used the sizes 2D,2C, D43)

Tips on How to Make Fake Frosting for Decoration

  • Using the piping tip, get a handful amount of air-dry clay and push it out of the piping tip using your thumb.
  • It is best to practice a few piping techniques, you can always reuse the air dry clay if it’s still soft and moldable.
  • There are a few ways to piping the air dry clay on your fake cake. You can directly apply the fake frosting onto the fake cake. Or pipe it first on a surface and let it dry for a bit before attaching it to your cake.
  • You can play around with different types of piping tips to make a realistic-looking fake cake.
  • Let it dry overnight, then you can paint over some of the frosting clay. I love using air-dry clay because it’s less messy than using wall putty as frosting.