How to Make Fake Cherry using Air Dry Clay

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Include fake cherry in your air dry clay crafts for your fake cake project. It is fairly easy to make and a bit messy in the painting department. Nonetheless, it’s a great crafts project using air-dry clay.

Materials you will need:

Fake Cherry

I use the air-dry clay cherries as decoration to my gift box cake made out of wall putty. If you want to know more about it see my tutorial here.

Fake Cherry

To make a fake cherry, roll a small amount of air-dry clay into small balls. Make an indent on top by lightly poking it using your finger.

For the cherry stems, roll a thin air dry clay into string shaped.

Fake Cherry

Attach the stem on the ball by pressing it down on the indented part of the clay. You can add glue for added security.

Let it dry upside down, it will prevent the stem to droop while drying overnight.

Fake Cherry

Once fully dried overnight, paint it using acrylic paint. I used a mix of red and green for the stem.

That’s it! You can let the paint dry and attached it to your fake cake or cupcakes! I have other DIY tutorials on making fake food desserts you can read here.