How to Make Fake Cupcake Using Air Dry Clay

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Learn how I made this realistic fake cupcake using lightweight air-dry clay. Watch the video tutorial below:

Materials you will need:

  • Super lightweight air dry clay
  • Old container with lids
  • A ball to use as mold or silicone cupcake mold
  • Glue
  • Optional: Glittery acrylic paint
How to Make Fake Cupcake Using Air Dry Clay

You can use old plastic containers with lids if you want to make your fake cupcake functional at decorative as well.

Glass jars are also great to use! You can add some trinkets or candies inside. Please also note that air-dry clays are not waterproof.

If you want to make fake cupcakes are purely for decorations, you can make the entire cupcakes made out of air-dry clay. I use a silicone mold to mold the cupcake holder. See the image below.

Use cupcake silicone mold as its cupcake holder for better structure. If you use the paper cupcake liner it might not hold the topper well since it’s top-heavy.

Bonus tip: Reuse those disposable cake containers to store your fake cupcakes! It keeps the dust away.

If you want to add more jazz to your cupcakes, you can create cherries, blueberries, and colorful sprinkles made out of air-dry clay as toppers.

Add more dimension to your fake frosting by painting it with metallic acrylic paint. It also helps make the air dry clay water resistant.

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