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Watch my Art Rangers Acrylic Review and Swatch

I bought all the sets of Art Rangers acrylic paint that I could find on Shopee. It includes basic colors, pastels, metallic, neon, and glitter set.

It has 8 colors for each box set and contains 22ml or 0.75us. fl. oz. per tube.

My first acrylic paint set is the Berkeley acrylic paint in which I have their 3 primary colors and a black. And so I wanted to try more colors because I realized color mixing is not so easy.

This acrylic paint is permanent, water resistant and flexible when dry. It is satin finish.

I was able to purchase it for 166pesos for each box because of the voucher but originally it cost around 170 to 190 pesos each.

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Art Rangers acrylic paint has a thinner consistency compared to Berkeley acrylic. I always use water to thin out the Berkeley acrylic when I’m color mixing but in Art Rangers, you don’t to add water since the formula is loose already

Art Rangers Acrylic Basic Colors

Art Rangers Acrylic Review

The Art Rangers Basic color set includes 8 colors, Titanium White, Burnt Umber, Magenta, Phthalo Blue, Green Mid, Orange, Yellow Pale.

Art Ranger Acrylic Review

I tested out the opacity of each color on black and white paint. Brown and blues are the most vivid and opaque and yellow and green are the most translucent.

Art Rangers Pastel Colors

This is my favorite set of colors from Art Ranger acrylic. Its pastel color collection includes grey, blue, green, pink, purple, orange, yellow, and red.

It has a very matte finish but technically it’s a satin finish according to the box. The color palette reminds me of an Easter vibe.

Art Ranger Acrylic Review

Here are the pastel colors on the black background. Note that this was only one coat of paint hence you can still see through the dark background.

Pastel Bird Painting using Art Rangers Pastel Paint Set
Pastel Jellyfish Painting using Art Rangers Pastel Paint Set

Art Rangers Neon Colors

Art Ranger Neon acrylic paint colors include blue, green, golden yellow, yellow, purple, purple-red, orange, and pink.

The colors are really vibrant and popping. This would really add a pop color to your painting.

Art Rangers Acrylic

It’s a glowing mushroom over the night sky while the moon and Saturn hover them all.

Neon colors only work best on light color background. So I had to put white paint over the black background before adding the neon colors.

Art Rangers Metallic Colors

Art Rangers Acrylic Review

Art Ranger Neon acrylic paint colors include pearlescent rose red, green, blue, purple, black, yellow, silver, gold.

Art Rangers Acrylic Review

It’s great to use on top of solid basic or pastel color like the image below in order to add some shine and shimmer to your painting.

I added some of Art Rangers metallic paint on it’s wings
Art Ranger Acrylic Review

It would also work well on a black background as the colors will pop and shimmer more. The image above is one layer of metallic paint on black background

Art Rangers Glitters Set

Art Rangers Acrylic Review

Art Ranger Glitter acrylic paint colors include glitter crystal, gold, purple, silver, green, blue, red, and pink.

Note that all the glitter swatches below have a base color of pastel and basic.

Art Rangers Acrylic Review
Art Ranger Acrylic Review

Glitter Acrylic paints remind me of glitter glue. It’s very translucent and has a light tint of color. It has a variety of glitter sizes and colors.

Glitter Crystal is one of my favorite glitter sets because it blends well with any of the colors since the base is a transparent gel with lots of chunky holographic pink glitters.