How to Make Fake Sprinkles using Air Dry Clay

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This is a very straightforward tutorial on how to make fake sprinkles. You only need 2 ingredients, I mean craft supplies.

Materials you will need:

  • Super lightweight air dry clay (Assorted color)
  • Scissors
Fake Sprinkles

The decoration of this fake cake is made out of entirely air-dry clay. The structure is just a cardboard box that is covered in wall putty. Check out the DIY tutorial on how I made the cake base here. If you want to make fake cherry as well you can check the tutorial here.

Roll a small amount of air-dry clay using your finger until you make a string-shaped clay. Let it dry overnight.

Fake Sprinkles

Once fully dried, cut a bunch into sprinkles length.

Fake Sprinkles

Finally, attach some fake sprinkles to your fake cupcake using glue! That simple and easy. It will bring your fake cupcakes to life with all that colorful toppings!

You can also make small beads sprinkles as cupcake toppers.

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