Easy Toilet Paper Roll Craft Box Ideas

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One of the best craft supplies there is, toilet paper roll! Watch the short DIY tutorial on how to make these easy toilet paper roll craft boxes.

Do you also collect toilet paper rolls for last-minute craft ideas for kids? What I like about this craft is that most of it don’t require any adhesive to make the box. You just need to cut it and fold it.

Toilet Paper Roll Craft

This one is a cylinder box, cut both ends diagonally then fold each inwards. You can make the diagonal cut longer so it doesn’t have any holes. Either way, the item will not fall out as long as it’s big enough.

Toilet Paper Roll Craft

If you want to shape it into a square box you can fold it flat to make corners. Then cut the for corners to close the box.

This box I think is the easiest and popular of them all, a toilet paper roll pillow box. Just make a fold on both ends, no cutting required.

I’m not sure the exact name of this type of box but I like to call it a candy box. Similar to the packaging of small candies. This one requires an adhesive to close both ends. you can also use staple wire.