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It may look complicated but DIY Boomf wild card is fairly easy to make as long as you have the right template. I provided a free printable template below that you can download to make your homemade boomf wild card.

Watch how to assemble the template below:

Materials you will need:

  • Cardstock paper at least 200gsm
  • Rubber band
  • Double sided tape
  • Print the template
  • Pens for decorations

This is the mechanism inside the DIY Boomf wild card also called paper bomb pop up toy.

Once you have print and cut the template, score and fold all the lines.

Start attaching each panel to each other to create the hexagon box. Leave two panels before attaching before adding the rubber band inside.

This is where you will attached the rubber band, I dissect one sample to show how the rubber band is attached inside.

Test out the tension, you can shorten the rubber band if it’s too loose. Be careful not to make it too tight as well since we are using paper it may cause it to tear.

diy boomf wild card template (3)

Finally you can decorate you paper bomb pop up toy to however you like.

boomf wild card template (2)

Simply follow the template by cutting the black lines and folding the red lines.

Download the template in your preferred file type, from SVG, PDF and Silhouette Cameo file.
PDF File → Studio3 File → SVG File →