How to Make Confetti Poppers without Balloons

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Here’s a quick tutorial on how to make confetti poppers without using any plastic or balloons. You can watch the video tutorial above to see how it works.

Materials you’ll need to make a confetti poppers:

  • Tissue Core or thin cardboard box
  • Tissue Paper or brown paper
  • Rubber Band or even elastic hair ties
  • Scrap papers for confetti and decorations
  • Glue
  • Scissors

STEP 1: Cut a Slit

Make a slit cut on the tissue core less than half way like in the photo, make sure the cut is parallel to each other.

STEP 2: Add the Rubber Band

Add the rubber band on the slit, this will push the confetti out of the tube when pulled out.

STEP 3: Cover and Fill in Confetti Poppers

Cover one end of the tissue core with tissue paper, then add the confetti inside before closing up the other end.

Tip: Don’t use confetti that are too big like the pink ones in the photo. I learned my lesson. Use a smaller pieces instead. Tiny squares or rounded cuts will do the trick.

STEP 4: Add a Pull Tab

Add a pull tab to one end, to do this cut a strip of paper and fold it in half. Place the tab on the rubber band and secure it in place by gluing the strip together.

Confetti Poppers

STEP 5: Time to Decorate!

You can design it however you want depending on what occasion you’re going to use this confetti poppers. In this case I was going for a gender reveal confetti poppers so I use a pink and blue scrap papers I have.

Confetti Poppers

That’s it! Now it’s ready to pop! To launch the confetti poppers first poke the top part and then aim vertical when you pull the tab for full effect, Keep pulling the tab until no more confetti is left. Enjoy.

Confetti Poppers

Another great idea is to use the confetti itself to decorate the confetti poppers like on the photo.

Confetti Poppers

Adding a little writing on the top part and pull tab is also great idea so kids will know how to use it.

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