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Leftover Diamond Painting Beads Craft Ideas

Don’t throw away those leftover diamond painting beads. Watch some of the ideas you can do with the leftover diamond beads.

1. Collect the leftover diamond painting beads in a jar

Use an old glass jar and place all your leftover diamond beads. Layer it in different color or mix it around to create rainbow of color. Either way it both look amazing!

2. Bedazzle your phone case

I just found this TikTok video and I’m impressed on the outcome of the bedazzled phone case. I guess you need to use a strong bond glue if you’ll be doing the same.


DIY phone case from diamond painting excess beads! Super love it! #diamondpainting #DIY #iphonecase

♬ Way Back Home – Shaun

3. Create a Mini Diamond Painting Art

Create a cut out of the design you want to do. You can even sketch out the design that you want on a thick paper. Apply some glue or double sided tape to make the diamond beads stick to the paper.


Don’t throw away the leftover diamond drills! #diywithme #diamondpainting

♬ Make His Pockets Hurt – Lil Kayla

4. Use it as Nail Art

Ain’t it cute? I used a regular clear nail polish as adhesive and you can use the same diamond painting pen to apply it on your nails. Top it off with clear coat to secure it in place.

Leftover Diamond Painting Beads

5. Add it to your Shaker Cards

If you’re into card making, this is such a smart way to reuse those diamond beads you have.

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