Do You Need to Seal Diamond Painting Notebooks?

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Do You Need to Seal Diamond Painting Notebooks?

First a quick introduction on what is Diamond Painting Notebooks. It is similar to diamond painting canvas, instead of adding the design on a canvas it’s added on the notebook covers.

You might think it’s necessary to seal diamond painting notebooks since you’ll be using and touching the surface of diamond painting more often compared to a canvas that hangs on a wall.

Fortunately in my own experience of having a diamond painting notebook, the diamond beads holds very well even without using any sealant. I had the notebook for over a month now and the beads are still intact.

But if you prefer to use sealer here’s some cons and pros on using it:


  • It will provide stronger protection to avoid the diamond bead from chipping off.
  • Some sealant like UV resin can help prevent the color of the beads from fading.


  • It might look glossy instead of sparkly.
  • It might look flat, depends on how thick the sealant you put in.
Seal Diamond Painting

What type of sealer can you use?

There’s a lot of options you can use as sealant to your diamond painting. Here’s a few suggestion based on the budget you will prefer:

Seal Diamond Painting

PVA Glue or ModPodge

  • Cheapest option though it’s not waterproof but water resistant.
Seal Diamond Painting

Gloss Varnish – Liquitex

  • Primarily used on acrylic paintings. It is 100% acrylic polymer varnish adds a gloss sheen, protects and resists dirt retention.
Seal Diamond Painting

UV Resin

  • A lot more expensive but it will provide a very durable protection on your diamond painting.