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Here’s a little diamond painting project you can make. It’s a diamond painting in a notebook cover.

Diamond Painting Diamclubs

Diamclubs was kind enough to contact me and ask if I could try out their diamond painting kits.

I picked the diamond painting notebook and the blinbox keychain kits. Both of which I haven’t tried yet so I was excited when I received the parcel. You can checkout the keychain kit below.

This is how it looks like before adding the diamond beads.

Diamond Painting Diamclubs

I love how the beads have different sizes and shapes. Each beads has it’s own unique way of sparkling.

I start to add the big diamond beads first and move on the smaller ones. The notebook cover already has adhesive for the beads to stick to.

Diamond Painting Diamclubs

I finished this in two days, this is fairly an easy introductory if you want to try diamond painting project. If you would love to try out diamond painting project you can shop at Diamclubs.

They have a lot of diamond painting designs from canvas, notebook, keychains, and even cute little tote bags.

This notebook is very handy and with a very eye catching design. Again thanks Diamclubs for this cute diamond painting notebook.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Diamclubs in anyway.