Diamond Painting Keychain Kits for Beginners

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DIY Diamond Painting Keychain Kits for Beginners or Kids

Diamond Painting Keychain

Hi guys! Today I’m sharing a fun little craft project sent by Diamclubs. They were kind enough to let me pick some items from their shop to test out.

Diamond Painting Keychain
Connie and the DP keychain kits

I picked out these 12 blind box diamond painting keychain kits which I think would be perfect crafts for kids and teens as well.

These Keychain Kits are a lot less intimidating if you are new to diamond painting crafts. It’s a kit that includes all the same thing you’ll get from a diamond painting canvas kit. But you can complete the entire keychain in one sitting unlike from a diamond painting canvas that will take a few days to complete. Nonetheless both craft projects are fun to do.

I got the whole 12 blind box kit from Diamclub. Each box has a random keychain design. It’s a great to add in your party favor box if you’re hosting a kid’s party.

Diamond Painting Keychain

What is included in the kit?

  • Diamond Beads
  • Acrylic Keychain
  • Keychain hook
  • Tools (pen, wax, 1 tray)

Where can you buy it?

You can buy it online you just need to search for diamond painting keychain kits or you can purchase it from Diamclubs. Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Diamclubs.

How do you make it?

It’s very easy to complete the kit.

The acrylic keychain has a sticky part which you can easily attached the diamond beads.

Use the pink pen tool to pick the beads. Be sure to add the wax onto the tip of the pen so it can pick up the bead easily.

It’s easy to determine what color to use for each section since it already has the printed image on the acrylic.

Diamond Painting Keychain

But if you’ll get confused don’t worry since the plastic pack of beads has printed code or letter. And the acrylic keychain also has the corresponding code or letter printed on it.

Once you complete it all you can attached the metal hook and now you can attached it on your favorite bag.

This diamond painting keychain kits are beginner friendly and very suitable for kids to enjoy doing as craft project.