Bonus Printables for Miniature Friends Apartment Kit

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Here’s a Printable Cutouts for Miniature Friends Apartment Kit

I provided a printable PDF file for you to easy add these iconic Friends items to your miniature kit. If ever you use these cut outs please tag me on instagram @joyincraft so I can see your work.

Miniature Friends Apartment Kit

Living Room Area

  • Iconic poster from Friends
  • Replace the TV screen with Joey as Dr. Drake Ramoray
  • I made a few mistakes on this DIY miniature, one of which was the placement of picture frames, so I decided to add Phoebe’s creepy painting’s on the other side of the door.
Miniature Friends Apartment Kit

Kitchen Area

  • You can also add playing cards and chips on dining table along with the beer glass.
  • Also add a strip of color on the fridge to make it more similar to the show.
Miniature Friends Apartment Kit

Window View

  • There’s a background cutouts for both kitchen and balcony windows.
  • You can also stick the cast pictures in front of the balcony window.

Miniature Friends Apartment Kit

Extra Bits

  • Add some white undies under the white couch. Do you remember this episode?

The One with the Secret Closet

  • I didn’t get the add this one on my own miniature, but I though it would be a nice touch to place this cutout behind the green door and you can have a peek on the secret closet of Monica.
Miniature Friends Apartment Kit
Get all these cutout printables below
PDF File →

There’s definitely more ways to customize your own Monica’s New York apartment. These are just my own twist to it. If you haven’t already you can read my quick review on this Miniature Friends Apartment kit below: