Miniature Friends New York Apartment (Mistakes to Avoid)

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Here’s some mistakes I made while building miniature Friends New York Apartment

Miniature New York Apartment

When you’re adding the purple wall papers on the board do not cut out the excess. It has a purpose, like in the image above it should cover the connecting walls. I made mistake of cutting them and a now it looked weird.

Miniature New York Apartment

I wasn’t carefully looking at the instructional manual at this point since it’s almost complete. I made a mistake of placing the circle picture frames on where the LED lights are. So the right side of the door was very bare.

I printed a cutout of Phoebe’s creppy paintings to fill in the space. So I guess I’m glad I made that mistake. You can get this printable cutouts below along with other iconic items you can add on your miniature.

Miniature New York Apartment

Extra details for the Iconic Purple Door

  • You can add a black dot for the peep hole.
  • If there’s an excess beads left, you can place it under the yellow frame to add the door bell. (yes that’s an old school door bell)

If you haven’t already, you can read my short review of Monica’s New York Apartment, to know what you can expect when building this miniature kit:

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