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Swifties fan here! If you’re in need of coloring page related to Taylor Swift here you go. I made a collection of outline drawing of different iconic Taylor Swift looks. You can choose to print with or without outlined text. Also please do not redistribute my work online. You can use this for personal use only. You can share your colored version of this printable and tag me on social media @joyincraft

All of this outline drawing of Taylor Swift were made in Procreate app. Download link of coloring pages are below.


Taylor Swift Coloring Page

Taylor Swift Coloring Page Me!

Checkout Kelsey Montague’s other mural art on her website

This outline drawing of Taylor was from Billboard Music Awards Live performance of Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco.

Taylor’s version, Red in a Maserati.

Swifties Coloring Page Calm Down

You need to calm down it’s Taylor Swift with a drink in her hand.

T Swift Oufline Style

Instead illustrating the man in the cave, I thought just go with Taylor’s face for this coloring page, then I wanted to add more coloring areas so I put her inside a flower? *random*

Taylor Swift Coloring Page Folklore

Folklore, Taylor Swift’s Braided Hair

Reputation End Game Drawing

A little trivia, the juice box says ‘End Game’ in the katakana alphabet.

Coincidentally I made a 13 page of coloring sheet - Download the coloring page below
PDF File →

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