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Watch the video on how I assembled the miniature box theater

Are you looking for creative things to do at home? How about making some miniature box theater in your spare time.

It’s a great craft for teens ages 14 years old and up. As a first time miniature dollhouse builder (is that the right term?) I believe this kit is a great introduction for building miniature dollhouses.

I managed to understand the flow or process in building each miniature item using their instructional manual.

Miniature Box Theater

This video is not necessarily a tutorial. It gives you an idea on how the whole kit comes together and can help you build your own miniature box theater kit.

Miniature Box Theater

The box theater kit is small and handy. The miniature box theater is inside a small tin box. How cute is that?

It comes with a wooden holder where you put the tin box for display.

It took me a few hours per day for about 3 days to complete the whole scene.

Just a reminder check if all the necessary materials needed are all included in the kit like the glue and batteries.

In my case, the craft glue and LED light batteries are not included in the kit.

Miniature Box Theater

I used the battery AG13 or LR44W for the LED lights and B-7000 craft glue for this kit.

You can even customize it by adding your own twist to the whole scene. You really don’t need to copy the scene to the tee.

Miniature Box Theater
Miniature Box Theater

For instance I placed the ornament plants with how I think would look cute.

Giving this as a gift for friends and family would be a great thoughtful gesture.

Miniature Box Theater

Want to try one? I bought my mini box theater kit from a seller name CuteBee online. Just try searching for the term ‘box theater kit’ on your favorite online shops.

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