Chinese New Year Red Envelope Template

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Ever want to DIY your Chinese New Year red envelope this year? Here’s a cool way to do it without needed an adhesive or glue to make this envelope. You can use the free template below to make this no glue envelope.

A little history about the red envelope traditions

A red envelope, red packet or red pocket is a monetary gift given during holidays or for special occasions. Even though the red envelope was popularized by Chinese traditions, other cultures also share similar traditional customs. Source : wikipedia

The red envelope is also called “money warding off old age” for Chinese New Year.

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Here’s a step by step on how to assemble the envelope

  1. Cut the template and fold and crease all the score lines.
  2. Fold down each side of the envelope.

3. Fold down the lower part half of the envelope.

4. Tucked down the lower half and make sure the two flaps on each side is placed forward.

5-6. Insert the two side flaps on the slits.

7-8. Add your monetary gift inside and tuck down the envelope. You’re good to go!

You can add decorations outside the envelope for a special touch.