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Have you heard about Kamikara paper toy from YouTube?

Kamikara paper toy is owned by Haruki Nakamura a Japanese paper engineer better known as Kamikara Official from Youtube

He sells DIY interactive paper toys from Japan. Unfortunately he doesn’t ship out his product outside Japan. But he offers free printable paper toy templates that you can print, cut and assemble it yourself.

Kamikara Paper Toy

Here’s one of the many paper toys he recently uploaded on YouTube. It’s a perfect Chinese New Year craft idea since this year is year of the tiger.

How it works is that the paper tiger toy first lays flat and when you poke it it jumps back up.

How to make it?

You’ll only need a few materials to make this cool interactive toy. I used a glossy photo paper that is 250gsm thick, a rubber band, a printer to print the template and some glue and scissor to cut and assemble the template. You can follow this instructional video on his YouTube channel – Kamikara Official from Youtube

Kamikara Paper Toy

I’ve linked his website below with the printable template. You can also see other paper toy template he made in the previous years.

Download the template
PDF File →

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