Confetti Surprise Birthday Box Tutorial

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Confetti + Surprise are always best paired words when it comes to party celebrations. Add special touch to your next handmade gift with this cute birthday box idea.

Materials you will need to make the basic structure of the box:

  • Cardboard box
  • Decorative Papers
  • Elastic Garter
  • Clear Tape, Glue, Glue stick
  • Optional: Print out pictures for personalized look

Here’s an illustration on how to make the surprise confetti box: (Watch the video tutorial above for detailed instructions)

Confetti Surprise Box

Divide the cardboard box in 3inches boxes.

Cut out the four corners of the box

Cover the cut out cardboard with decorative paper.

Use a cutter to cut a slit for the garter

Before you add the garter, cover the other side of the box with decorative paper.

Confetti Surprise

To make the box cover, follow the measurement above. cut the four corners as well.

Using the decorative paper, cover the entire box cover.

Confetti Surprise Box

You can now insert the elastic garter on slit, use a glue stick to hold the garter properly.

Confetti Surprise

Make a 3 inches signage using decorative paper and pens. Attached it on the center part of the box.

Confetti Surprise

Collect candies and confetti to be added on the box. Now you’re ready to test out the confetti box!