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Berkeley Acrylic Paint Review from Shopee Philippines

I was looking for budget-friendly acrylic paint to use for my painting hobby. And I was able to discover this brand Berkeley Acrylic Paint Review which I think is the cheapest acrylic paint available on Shopee.

Berkeley Acrylic Paint Review

Available Paint Colors

  • Cobalt Blue
  • Crimson
  • Yellow Mid
  • Phthalo Green
  • Titanium White
  • Black

It contains 250ml of acrylic paint per bottle which is a lot of paint than can last you for a very long time. I only bought the 3 primary colors and a black. It does the job well and cost-effective for a hobbyist like me. You can also use it on different craft project like air drying clay.

Berkeley Acrylic Paint Swatches

It doesn’t have a lot of other colors, basically just the primary colors, green, black, and titanium white. But you can always just mix the other colors using those primary colors. Although Berkeley also has 12 colors available but in 12ml tubes.

Berkeley Acrylic Paint Review

Painting with Berkeley Acrylic Paint

Here are some of the mini paintings that I did use Berkeley acrylic paint. Take note that I used Sakura acrylic titanium white for these paintings.

Berkeley Acrylic Paint Review
Berkeley Acrylic Paint Review
Berkeley Acrylic Paint Review

If you want to purchase this paint you can go to this Shopee page where I bought them for 165 php per 250ml bottle. I also bought art ranger gouche paint from the same shop

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