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6 Flower Wreath Drawing You Can Use for FREE

I’m sharing this set of rustic flower wreath drawing as a free design of the month for this blog.

I hand drawn this floral wreath using traditional pen and paper and scanned it. That’s why it has that grainy dusty look to it and that gives a rustic feel as well which I love. These flower wreath are very customizable and there’s endless ideas you can use for your own personal projects.

You can checkout Design of the Month for monthly updates of free designs I am offering for this blog.

Flower Wreath Drawing
You can change the initials and text on these designs. The specific font I use here is called Georgia.
Flower Wreath Drawing
Flower Wreath Drawing
Floral Wreath Rustic
It’s easily customizable in Photoshop. You can add colors to the flowers and leaves to match the theme you’re aiming for.
Floral Wreath Design
You can easily change the Letter Initials using the PSD file. I provided the download link below
Floral Wreath

You can download the PSD file on google drive below. You’re free to use this design. Attribution is not required. Giving credit to Joy in Crafting blog site is not necessary but always appreciated. You can modify the design. Be creative and edit them as you like.

Joy in Crafting

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