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Free printable coloring pages for students to learn about Philippine National Symbols while being creative.

Since my last post was about designing the Philippine play money using the Canva design app. I want to make more Filipino-related topics that focus on creativity while learning. I made these Philippine National Symbols Coloring Pages because I want to improve my digital art skills using Procreate app while providing useful content for my blog.

It’s free to use for personal or educational purposes. Nevertheless, I would highly appreciate it if you can credit my blog by tagging my social media account using @joyincraft on Instagram. 

Philippine National Symbols Coloring Pages

Philippine National Symbol Coloring Pages

The printables include both colored and outlined illustrations of each Philippine National Symbols.

I believe it would be much fun to learn each National Symbols when they can their creativity by coloring each symbol. I’ve also included fun facts on the printable file for each national symbol as additional information.

You can also read the fun facts below:

1. Sampaguita: National Flower

Sampaguita flowers do not produce seeds. How is the plant still so widely cultivated, then? It has to be grown from cuttings.

2. Mango: National Fruit

The Philippine mango variety was listed as the sweetest in the world by the 1995 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records.

3. Anahaw: National Leaf

Anahaw or Fan palm leaves are also a widespread symbol in the Philippines that is often used in awards and medals to represent high achievement, strength, and loyalty.

4. Philippine Eagle: National Bird

The Philippine eagle is endemic to the Philippines and can be found on four major islands: eastern Luzon, Samar, Leyte, and Mindanao. The largest numbers of eagles reside on Mindanao, with between 82 and 233 breeding pairs.

5. Dr. Jose Rizal: National Hero

As a polyglot, Rizal had the habit of switching from one language to another. His biographers faced difficulty in translating his works because of his habit of switching languages. He was conversant in 22 languages.

6. Milkfish or Bangus: National Fish

Milkfish can grow to a maximum length of 1.8 meters, but most of the time, it is about 1 meter in length. They can reach a weight of about 14.0 kg.

7. Narra: National Tree

Tea prepared from the leaves of Narra-Tree has been since old days a remedy against boils and diarrhea in traditional medicine.

8. Water Buffalo or Carabao: National Animal

Carabao racing is a widely popular sport among farmers and carabao enthusiasts in the Philippines. Training and conditioning of the race carabao to its full extent is a serious job. Farmers and their trustworthy carabaos gather together to race in a 500 meters (1,600 ft) dirt road.

9. Nipa hut or Bahay Kubo: National House

Bahay Kubo is also known as payag or kamalig in other languages of the Philippines. 

10. Pearls or Perlas: National Gem

The color of south sea pearls is white to golden. Their extraordinary sizes are normally large which is between 9mm to as much as 19mm which made Philippine pearls very expensive.

Would you like to see more Philippine-related printable? Do let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear your thoughts. Happy Crafting!

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