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How to Make a Paper Shadow Box Frame

Watch the video tutorial below on how to make a paper shadow box frame from scratch:

Materials you will need to make a box shadow frame:

  • Cardstock at least 160gsm
  • Glue or double-sided tape
  • Scissors or cutter
  • Ruler and Pen
  • Optional: Printer (Download the template here)
Paper Shadow Box Frame

Step by step measurement guide on how to make a paper shadow box frame:

Start with a 20x20cm paper. Use at least 160gsm paper.

Line and Score the paper by following the measurements below:

Add a line with 1.5cm spacing like in the image below. In this stage, you can also customize or adjust the spacing for how deep the shadow box would look. The smaller the spacing the thinner and shallow the frame would look.

Paper Shadow Box Frame

Following the red line, add a vertical line with 1.5cm spacing on each side.

Paper Shadow Box Frame

Now you can cut out the template and ready to be assembled. Watch the video below to see how to assemble the box shadow frame.

Paper Shadow Box Frame

You can also download a printable template of shadow box template below:

You can also download a silhouette cut file of the box shadow frame template here:

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