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How to Make BOOMF Bomb Explosion Card

Watch how to make a BOOMF Bomb Explosion Card

I thought I’d give it a try to DIY the BOOMF Bomb explosion card that I always see trending on instagram before. Watch my tutorial video below on how I assemble the template.

Materials Needed to make BOOMF Bomb Explosion Card:

  • Rubber bands
  • Card stock paper – minimum 250gsm
  • Glue
  • Scissor
  • Tape

Watch how to assemble the BOOMF Card using the printable template or silhouette cut file.

I converted the boomf explosion card template into Silhouette Cut file so it’s easier to assemble if I decided to make lots of it in the future.

Boomf Explosion Card

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BOOMF Box Measurements

BOOMF Bomb Explosion Card
If you can’t print the template you can use this measurement as reference to manually cut out the BOOMF card

BOOMF Container Box Measurements

BOOMF Bomb Explosion Card
Inner Container Box measurements
BOOMF Bomb Explosion Card Container
Outer Container Box measurements
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