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Easy Miniature Laptop Printable Template

Put an effort on your next greeting card and make this super easy miniature laptop printable template on your next crafting session and give it to kids for a fun surprise. Even adults will love to receive this unique greeting card in this format.

Materials you’ll need:

  • Card stock paper with your preferred designs (use at least 250gsm thick paper)
  • Glue
  • Scissor
  • Printer to print the miniature laptop
  • Acetate plastic for the screen monitor or use any plastic material that has similar effect.
  • A bunch of paper confetti

Watch my YouTube video how it’s assembled:

Miniature Laptop Printable

Be silly on April fools and trick a friend that you’re giving them a new laptop as a gift.

Miniature Laptop Printable

This miniature laptop is very easy to assemble and lots of room for customization and creativity. Place a picture of your choice behind the laptop screen along with a thoughtful message on the foreground area.

Miniature Laptop Printable

Add your message on the laptop screen or even on the keyboard area. You can fold down the laptop and secure it with a washi tape for a surprise effect.

Miniature Laptop Printable

Get the miniature laptop printable using the links below. You can choose between Silhouette cameo cut file or the printable version.

Miniature Laptop Printable

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