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Recycling Cereal Box in my Silhouette Cameo Machine

I tried using a cereal box for this sample cut since I ran out of card stock and couldn’t buy more because of the quarantine. The settings I used is – Coverstock Heavy (105lb-122lb) with 2 times passes. I also make sure to first cut the lines on the inner part and the outer lines last so the cereal box would not move so much.

Recycling Cereal Box
Don’t you think it would be such a waste to just throw this boxes away? I think so.
Recycling Cereal Box
How the cut turned out.

It did cut the cereal box just fine using the predefined settings, but since it was cut 2 times, some parts did not aligned as well.

Recycling Cereal Box
Use Setting: Coverstock Heavy

I’ll keep trying out other settings to use for the cereal box material but I like how cereal boxes are more thick and sturdy than the standard card stock paper I use on these projects.

Update: I manage to find the perfect settings to cut cereal boxes. If you’re cutting simple shapes or big shapes you can pass 3 times using the settings Coverstock Heavy. Watch my instagram post at how clean the cut is:

If you want to try this one out you can download the free pillow box with handle cut file here.

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